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Many New Zealanders have travelled around Western Australia. Here are a few extraordinary experiences they have had along the way. Feel free to share your experiences for others to read.

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Susie's Extraordinary Experience

My husband and I were diving through amazing swim throughs in Ningaloo WA and came upon a turtle with a huge whelk stuck on his shell.  The turtle was ‘scratching’ his back on an overhang trying to move the whelk off - it was obvious he was not a happy streamlined turtle.
My husband straddled the turtle and yanked off the whelk.  The turtle then did a swim-by three times to say thank you.  It was a real nature documentary moment and afterwards when we came to the surface we were both saying ‘did that really happen’ - it did and we were there!

chris's Extraordinary Experience

A friend won a weekend trip to the Abrollos Islands off the coast of Geralton. We had a chance to see the wreck of the Batavia the most gruesome shipwreck in history… The diving was great and the islands only inhabited by afew crayfisherman and hundreds of birds, the islands are very low thus the shipwrecks…A wonderful place

Susan's Extraordinary Experience

The most amazing experience I’ve had in Western Australia was scuba diving at the Navy Pier in Exmouth. There is so much sea life in much a compact area. In one dive, I saw sharks, octopus and tons of fish. I swam into the middle of a large school of fish and was enveloped in fish! Amazing!

Sarah's Extraordinary Experience

I grew up in WA. The coolest experience I had as a kid was swimming near the dolphins in Monkey Mia.

Shelley's Extraordinary Experience

Last time we were in WA my husband and I swam with the Whale Sharks in Exmouth. It was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever done and would love to do it again! Plus now we both have our PADI’s we would LOVE to dive the amazing Ningaloo Reef.

Carla's Extraordinary Experience

I want to visist WA, the stunning beaches of Esperance, the Margaret River area with its vineyards, the husssle and bussle of Perth, experience camel riding on the beaches at Broome, the amazing Kimberlies, the Bungle Bungles, the Church with the Mother of Pearl Altar, the breathtaking Valley of the Giants Tree top walk, the mining towns and beautiful coastlines.

Claire's Extraordinary Experience

A few years ago my partner and I spent 3-4 weeks on a camper van holiday up the West Australian coast. Loved the snorkelling on the Ningaloo Reef and especially the boat trip outside the reef to swim with the whale sharks. Unfortunately although there were a few in the area we were not lucky enough to actually swim with them. We would love to go back and snorkel with the whale sharks!

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