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Many New Zealanders have travelled around Western Australia. Here are a few extraordinary experiences they have had along the way. Feel free to share your experiences for others to read.

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Harvey's Extraordinary Experience

Land Based Game Fishing at Quobba Station, north of Carnarvon in the desert; in the morning about 9.00ish, on top of 150’ -200’ high cliffs, Weather Balloons to get the bait over the inner reef, Stand up Game rig, harnessed to a 4x4, 250m of string left to fight the fish once you get the bait [large whole mullet] out.The rewards, Spanish Mackerel, Sharks, Tuna and the odd Sailfish..Biggest Mack was 105lb [50kg] biggest Sailfish 85lb.. Hard yakka getting them over the fringing reef without breaking off, then sending down the flying gaff, a couple of hitches around the winch on the 4x4 and hauling them 150+ ft up the cliff.. Best day, 3 fish all around 100lb, plus 6 more landed by mates.. The Best fishing ever, anywhere in the world, did I mention Ever!!! 2nd place goes to the a small secret sandbank in a group of Islands where I spent 4 days Fly fishing for Giant Trevally in 3’-4’ of water.. Lots of hook ups where the GT’s would turn and run back towards you!! Awesome beyond belief!!

Alf's Extraordinary Experience

Sitting on Shell beach and running the shells through my hands.

Pam's Extraordinary Experience

Several years ago back in the eighties we had the pleasure of travelling by car up to Monkey Mia where we experienced the wonders of nature meeting the friendly dolphins.
At first there was only one dolphin in sight which came into the beach quite fast with a fish on its nose which it flipped to the warden that was on the beach talking to a group that had come down to see the dolphins.
The warden then picked up the fish and told the dolphin to go out to get the others. It turned gave a flick of its tail and was gone returning a short time later with nine other dolphins, one a baby.
The mother kept the young one on the otherside of her to keep us from getting to close.
We were allowed to stand in the water and touch these awesome creatures which when they had had enough just flicked their tails and swam away.
It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen and something that will be a highlight in my memory of how marvellous these creature are when in their natural surroundings.

carolyn's Extraordinary Experience

Years ago myself and 3 friends were in Monkey Mia and after a few drinks we went down to the beach in the evening. We were messing around doing cartwheels and handstands and laughing . A dolphin with her baby came in very close to shore ( we reckon they were attracted by our noise and vibrations we made horsing around ) and allowed us to paddle into the shallow water and pet them. It was amazing and special because they chose to hang out with us !!

Patricia's Extraordinary Experience

The most extraordinary experience I had in Western Australia was swimming with and patting the wild stingrays at Hamelin Bay.  They were accustomed to human contact and swam up to us repeatedly.  I had never even seen a stingray before except on TV and to be able to actually touch these incredible creatures is something I’ll never forget.

Robyn's Extraordinary Experience

Whiteman Park is amazing.  It is hands on for children.  They can interact with the animals.  Also the dolphin feeding at Monkey Mia.  Western Australia is a very relaxing place to visit. Perth city is beautiful and a stroll through Kings Park is a must.

Alistair's Extraordinary Experience

On a visit to a friend in Denham, Western Australia, my wife and I took a one hour flight with Margaret Prior, of Shark Bay Air, over the Shark Bay area.  The Bay lived up to its name, as we saw dozens of sharks, plus many rays, dugongs, schools of fish, and two large pods of dolphins.  As we flew over Steep Point, the most westerly point of Australia, we had the added bonus of seeing mother and calf whales in the ocean.  The sea and land colours were incredible, ranging from deep blues, through turquoise, to green, in the sea, pinks, whites and olives over the salt works, to greens, blues and many hues of red and orange over the land.  This was an amazing flight and well worth doing.  One of the dolphin pods may have been the one from Monkey Mia, as we had been visited by 13 of the usual 17 of them there the day before, and then taken a catamaran cruise to see the dugongs up close. Fantastic.  We would love to return to see more.

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